Senior Management

Mrs. R Pritchard (Head Teacher and Senior Safeguarding Officer)

Mr. M Evans (Deputy Head)

Mrs. E Williams (Deputy Head)


Key Stage 2

Mr. M Evans – Year 6

Mr. I Jones – Year 5

Mrs. T Jones – Year 4

Mr. M O’Leary – Year 3


Foundation Phase

Mrs. L Davies and Miss. C Rees – Year 2

Ms. M Rosser – Year 1

Mrs. E Williams – Reception

Miss. S Davies – Nursery


Mrs. K Jones – Additional Learning Needs


Classroom Assistants

Mrs. R Vale, Mrs. A Webb, Miss. L Thomas, Mrs. L Bonandrini, Miss. N Pethrick, Ms. R Davies, Mrs. J Williams, Mrs. L Berrow, Miss. R Jones, Mrs. V Power, Miss, K Allen, Mr. A Thomas, Mr. J Hughes, Mrs. E Patten


Mrs. J James – Clerical Officer

Mrs. W Davies – Caretaker 

Mrs. R Pritchard, Mr. M Evans, Mrs. E Williams – Safeguarding Officers

Mr. A Jones – Chair of Governors