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The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a list of basic rights that all children have.
There are 41 rights or Articles.  These are split into 3 main areas:-
The right to be looked after and cared for.
To have the things you need to survive.
To participate in anything to do with your life.
The School Council supports each child's right to participate covered by Article 13 which talks about
children's right to be able to say what they think.

Since starting, the School Council has,
organised numerous fund raising events and always takes an active role in organising activities for Children in Need, Red Nose Day etc
changed the policy of the school shop so that it now only sells healthy snacks.
tried to improve pupils choice of play-time snacks by encouraging healthy snacks only all week with a treat on Friday.
provided benches for the school yard.
organised the Buddy Bus Stop and Calm Zone System.
organised school discos.
run a Bring and Buy sale.
organised bake sales.
ensured that school rules are displayed around the school.
encouraged more use of the outdoor play areas.
had input in deciding what games are to be painted on the school yard e.g. 'Four Square' boxes, Hopscotch.
bought equipment such as hoop-la, French skipping elastics, boules, goalposts etc for use during play-times.
One of the projects which they have agreed on for the Spring term is to weave on the fences around the school yard in order to brighten it up.